The Bahamas is located off the coast of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean.

It consists of around 700 islands, with the most populous being New Providence (containing more than 70% of the country’s population). New Providence is the location of the national capital city, Nassau, and has tons to see and do.

We flew into the Nassau airport and stayed for a week in July.

Palm Tree in the Wind
Rocks and Ocean Surf

I visited the Bahamas about four years ago. Last time I stayed in the Hotel Riu Palace, an all-inclusive resort. This time we decided to try something new and chose to stay at Comfort Suites on Paradise Island, granting us unlimited access to the Atlantis waterpark, movie theatre and other complimentary services offered to Atlantis guests.

We spent our days on and off the resort exploring the fine sandy beaches, turquoise ocean waters and all that New Providence has to offer. One day we took a private taxi into Nassau to visit the small shops and explore the city. Other days, we spent our time splashing around the Atlantis waterpark and its 11 pools, 18 water slides and two different river rides – a lazy river and The Current, featuring rapids, tunnels and big waves! If you’re planning a trip to the Atlantis, I recommend the Serpent Slide – a waterslide that slowly brings you through a clear tunnel in a shark-filled tank.

Naturally Exotic Tropical Vegetation
Macro Hibiscus
Foaming Waterfall
Small Lizard on Railing
Alexander Palm Against the Sky

What else is there to do? Shopping. Many designer stores, small boutiques, gift shops and souvenir carts. There’s also the Caribbean’s largest casino, clubs, Marina Village, The Dig, golf courses and other attractions. The Dig (a large aquarium) is perfect if you’re looking for something to do in the evening, with tunnels surrounded by all kinds of marine life. Marina Village is a strip of stores along a yacht-filled marina.

My favorite part of the trip was relaxing on the beach and in the ocean. The water was so clear with lots of little fish swimming around us.

Partially Underwater in the Bahamas
Orange Slices in Sand
Beautiful Bromeliad
Schefflera Variegated
Sun Rays Behind Palm Silhouette

There’s no doubt I’ll be back!

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