I’ve been having an amazing week in paradise.

The white sandy beaches, exotic wildlife and Bahamas heat are some of my favorite parts of this trip.

Relaxing on a tropical island is a feeling like no other.

We’re staying at the Atlantis resort, enjoying the delicious foods, large aquarium, casino, sipping on coconuts and of course splashing around the waterpark that’s filled with over 20 million gallons of water.

Paradise Island
Atlantis Bahamas
Atlantis Resort

It rained the first day we arrived, but since then the weather’s been beautiful for us. Exploring and photographing New Providence has been awesome!

Timing of the Sea Waves at Dusk
Perfectly Tropical Palm Tree
Cat in the Tropics
Tropical Bird
Paradise in the Skies
Paradise Cove
Lost on an Island

Best wishes from the Bahamas!

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