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You’re excited to get your message out into the world, make an impact and start showing up like you’ve been planning… well, almost. First, you need to-

Hold on! First, nothing. You’re ready right now, and I’m going to tell you why. But first let’s clear up some of these false truths.

One of the most common reasons that business owners don’t actually start or create a website is that “they’re not ready”. What does “being ready” even mean? In my opinion, if this is your excuse, you will never be ready. Perfection is not progress, and THAT is the mindset shift we need to make today.

If you have even one product or service that is available for your audience to buy right now, then you are ready.Even if that offer is not yet for sale, but will be in the next few months, you are ready.

The sooner you open a website for yourself or your brand, the better. Even if it’s just a page to start collecting emails and leads you can message when you’re officially open for business.

I don’t want your mindset to get in the way of progress. It’s time to stop coming up with excuses and building obstacles in your mind, and start taking action and putting yourself out there.

You are worth it. You are worthy of having your own corner of the web. Your product or service is good enough to be featured on its own on your website, and you are ready.

Read that last paragraph again, and then read on to find out the three BIG reasons you need a website.

1. You need a URL that people can visit to learn more.

Having social media accounts is a great start, but it’s not enough if you want to grow an authentic, meaningful relationship with your clients. Social media is just the handshake, while your website is a way to teach your audience more about what you sell and why it’s important. Make the effort to nurture that client-business relationship and you’ll benefit huge in the long run.

2. It’s a way to keep people coming back.

If you have a blog or an area of your site where you frequently hang out and share your expertise and experiences, your audience will always come back for more. Sharing your knowledge and giving away free tips and advice in short articles can be huge when it comes to generating traffic (visitors) on your site. Everybody loves free guidance – especially if it helps them to avoid problems when they’re just starting out. You’ve been through it and you know what to do from personal experience, so there’s no one better to learn from.

3. It will get your business in front of more eyes.

Ever search for something on Google? Most likely. How about a specific product or service you’re in need of, even locally? Yeah, me too. I do that all the time.

If you don’t have your own website, you won’t show up in these search results! Nobody will ever be able to find you, even when directly searching for the type of products or services you sell. What a shame! You can’t let that happen.

Having a website means your brand will show up in front of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of eyes every month. Imagine how much quicker you’ll be able to get your name out there, and how many people you can help that are in need of exactly what you’re offering. In fact, it would be a disservice NOT to get your name out there when people need you.

These aren’t the only reasons you should have a website, but they’re definitely big ones. If you’re stuck or haven’t taken the plunge into website ownership yet, send me a quick message with your questions and I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction! Sometimes all you need to get started is a little push with a touch of friendly encouragement.

I’m counting on you to show up for yourself and make some serious progress… you’ve got this!

“Colors of Dusk” photo taken by Samantha in Ontario, Canada. Landscape print available here.

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