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Find yourself feeling crushed by the negativity around you lately? 🥀

Me too…

I’ve been feeling so out of it the past couple months, tired of seeing such hatred and division in the world, uncalled-for judgment and attempts to control one another, stressing and worrying about the future, you name it.

If I let myself go down that rabbit hole, it’s hard to pull myself back out. So I’ve been practicing ways to stay present, grounded and feeling like my most positive self.

Here’s what I’ve found to help. I hope you can pull something useful from this to get back to feeling like yourself again, too. 🤍 (It’s all just as much as reminder for myself as it is for you! It’s an ongoing battle, not a destination I believe we ever reach. But these are a few strategies we can use to win the daily battles.)

1️⃣ Every day before you go to bed, think about the 1 thing you’re most grateful for that day and say “thank you”. It could be an action someone took to make you smile, the sunrise you witnessed, a goal you accomplished or another good thing that happened. Say it out loud or in a whisper, but acknowledge that brightest point of light from your day, followed by the words “thank you”. Speaking them out loud can be pretty f*cking powerful.

2️⃣ Surround yourself with people who lift you up. Supportive family members, encouraging friends, a caring partner, inspiring mentors and like-minded motivators in your industry. (Looking for a business mentor? My doors are always open, I love empowering and guiding other soulful entrepreneurs to abundance!)

3️⃣ Turn off the news. It’s 99% negative. You don’t need to be inviting that energy into your life. In fact, I personally avoid it as much as possible.

4️⃣ Do something you love every day. Make time – maybe 30 minutes a day, maybe 2 hours – practicing your favorite activity or hobby, immersing yourself in nature, playing board games with a loved one, anything that makes your soul breathe a sigh of relief.

5️⃣ Move your body for *at least* 10 minutes every day. Yoga, sports, hiking, a neighborhood walk, a YouTube workout. It will do wonders for your physical AND mental health. Work at a desk or work from home like me? Get up and stretttchhh at least once an hour to get your blood moving and stiffness shaken out.

6️⃣ Take 1 action, no matter how small, towards a major goal every day. Small progress is almost invisible, but after a few weeks you’ll be blown away at how far you’ve propelled.

Every day can hold a different struggle.

Make sure you’re choosing to protect and nurture your body and mind to stay grounded, friend. I believe in you. 😘

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