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It’s proven that 98% of people who join an MLM will suffer significant financial loss.

This post is for the ones struggling to make it work (or the ones that are considering joining an MLM). I want to let you in on something that offers a much higher success rate with huge income potential. Something that you can build to actually achieve your dreams without the massive risk.

First off, what exactly does MLM mean?

Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies operate a sketchy business model with two different ways of “making money”. First, you can promote and sell the products they offer. You’ll get commission off purchases. Second, you can build something they call a downline – other people you recruit to become distributors for the company as well, and they join in the business under you, as you become a sort of mentor to them. When they make product sales, you’ll get a small commission from those, too. 

Sounds pretty good, right?

But as for the problems, where do I even begin? Due to the high probability of failure, MLMs get a bad wrap. In my opinion, as they should. From being encouraged to turn friends and family into paying customers (good luck haha), to the fact that you’re competing with thousands of other distributors selling the exact same products as you, every corner of this “opportunity” presents major obstacles.

As someone with a great deal of experience with multiple different MLMs over the years, I can promise you it’s very hard to find success. And my experience doesn’t just stop at a single try – I’ve been with multiple companies with differing compensation plans, different products and in different industries. Although I’ve made some decent sales, for the most part it’s just not sustainable in the long term (especially if you have zero previous experience in the business world). 

You’re better off building a business that you love, that’s in your sole control, and offers WAY more opportunities to improve your lifestyle in the best ways possible. 

What’s a digital course and why are they so great?

In this day and age, you’ve likely heard of someone participating in online learning/school, or you’ve even taken a digital course yourself, so you know the gist of it from a student’s standpoint. But if not, here’s a brief overview of how it works from a course creator’s perspective.

You pick a topic (any topic under the sun as long as you have experience and are passionate about it). Create the learning material (record some video tutorials, for example). Put it all together and sell it as MANY times as you want.

Since the course is pre-recorded and self-paced, you can have as many students as you please. That means you create the course once, and have unlimited income potential moving forward. Very minimal work, minimal investment and high payoff.

In this business model, you’re the expert and you call the shots. People pay you for your knowledge. 

Keep on reading for a comparison between MLMs and online coaching (digital courses). 

Why make the switch from your MLM to online coaching?

Let’s go over 5 major differences between the two business opportunities. 

The reality of joining an MLM:

❌ You’re encouraged to sell to friends and family who aren’t interested in the products.

❌ You must talk about products no one really needs and that you don’t care about. 

❌ You’re competing with all of the other distributors from the same company (very *high* competition). 

❌ It requires significant capital to spend on a starter kit and monthly product orders (even though you don’t actually need the products yourself, you’re typically required to buy lots). 

❌ In order to see big success, it requires you to stay in constant contact with your upline (the ones who signed you up) and your downline (the ones you sign up). After all, if your downline isn’t making their own sales, you’re not going to make much money.

And now, the comparison and reality of creating a digital course:

✅ You sell to *highly interested* clients who are in search of the exact info you’re teaching. Forget about trying to convince your friends and family to buy and making everyone feel uncomfortably pressured. 

✅ You get to speak on a topic you’re truly passionate about every single day. No promoting the products that someone else created. This is YOUR baby!

✅ You offer unique value that can’t be duplicated. You’re not competing with others selling the *exact* same products as you anymore. There is nobody that has the same knowledge, experience and way of teaching as you. That’s your unique selling point.

✅ You don’t have to spend money on unnecessary products month after month, or even worse, on a starter kit in the very beginning when you don’t even have one customer yet. You can start marketing your offer for FREE and make sales even with a very small social following.

✅ Your income potential is unlimited AND doesn’t depend on the performance of an upline or downline. All the money you make is yours to keep, and you can sell the same course as many times as you want. It’s an unlimited passive income opportunity.

I know this will definitely hit some people the wrong way, but I say this with love because I want you to experience true success and freedom with a real business of your very own. 

👉🏼 If you desire *actual* freedom as your own boss selling something YOU built, a digital course is your answer.

I spill the secrets on how to create a digital course from scratch in my *super affordable* Build Your Dream business training, so that anyone can do it, no excuses.

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