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Have you ever had one of those goals that you keep pushing forward, week after week, month after month? You never seem to hit the mark and have to try again at each new season, but with no success.

The reason? You’re not practicing efficient, effective goal planning. 

Use these tips to make your goal planning much easier (+ WAY more achievable) than ever before. 

1) Work backwards. What would you like to achieve by *fill in a date*? What do you need to do each month to stay on track?

Rather than trying to plan the next few weeks and not really having an end goal in mind, reverse engineer it. Take your big goals for the year and figure out what actions you’ve gotta take each month to get there in time. 

2) Practice projections. Instead of shooting in the dark and hoping you’ll hit your income goals, do the math. (I promise it’s not complicated!)

For instance, if you want to make $5k per month and you have a $500 course, you only need to make 10 sales a month to stay on track! Double that for $10k months, and so on. Now you know what to aim for. 

3) Take action NOW! If you want to build a business and quit your job, start today. Don’t expect an overnight success – put in the work now and thank yourself later. 

Stop waiting and wishing. Building a business takes time and hard work – if someone tells you it’s an overnight success thing, they’re lying. Start putting in the work now and come a few months from now, you’ll be thanking yourself as you hand in your 2 weeks notice. 

Prepping ahead of time is a surefire way to success. 

So, let me ask you. What big goals are you working towards this year? Send me a message on Instagram @itssamanthapeddle with your biggest goal to set it in stone!

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