Creating a digital course that will guide you (and your students) to success starts with coming up with the perfect course topic. One that will allow you to lay out a clear process to get from point A to point B, while providing an opportunity for your students to experience a transformation that will change their lives in some way, big or small.

Here, I’m walking you through the steps to turn your passion into a money maker, and come up with a powerful course topic that will drive your success through the roof! 

Part 1: The Ingredients

Our signature recipe for the perfect digital course topic includes three main ingredients:

1️⃣ Passion

2️⃣ Expertise

3️⃣ Demand

The topic you choose must include all 3 of these ingredients if your course is to be sustainable in the long term.

To figure out a topic that has all these essential pieces, start by brainstorming concepts under each ingredient. Use the examples below to guide you.

Ingredient #1: Passion

What are you passionate about? Jot down anything that comes to mind when you think about your hobbies, interests, skills, talents, desires, activities you practice during your spare time, and conversation topics that get you fired up.

Ingredient #2: Expertise

What do you have experience in? This may include anything along the lines of tough situations you’ve overcome, art you’ve created, business skills or positions you’ve acquired, certifications you’ve obtained, results you’ve gotten in a specific area, and so on.

Ingredient #3: Demand

Which topics have you spoken to others about? Think about subjects on which others have asked for your advice, things you’ve taught others to do successfully, questions you get asked on social media or in your current line of work, and similar situations in which you’ve offered your opinion more than once.

Part 2: The Money-Makers

Now that you’ve gotten clear on your interests, it’s time to rewrite those passions as potential money-makers. Basically, this step is to determine whether it’s possible for your most near and dear interests to earn you a full-time income. Because honestly, some hobbies are best left as hobbies. But for the most part, anything can be rewritten into a course topic! Let’s try it out.

I’ve put together a step-by-step guide that walks you through this exact process.

Together, using the free PDF guide below, we’ll go through the 3-step process starting with Part 1: The Ingredients and moving onto Part 2: The Money-Makers, and finally, Part 3: The Transformation Behind the Topic.

Dive in deeper to get valuable insight not yet covered – grab your copy right now at the link below!

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